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Students high-fiving after getting a long division problem correct.
Success in Division: Kenton Ridge 4th Graders Triumph!

Cheers and smiles fill Mrs. Dobyns' class as Kenton Ridge 4th graders celebrate nailing long division! Using the clever DMSCB acronym (Does McDonald's Sell Cheese Burgers?), these young mathematicians conquer the challenges with enthusiasm and teamwork. 🎉📚 

Students in Mrs. Blaker Klay's class hold up their workbooks of %22UN%22 words.
Immerse yourself in the linguistic wonders of words with Mrs. Blaker Klay in this week's Classroom Chronicles!

Get ready to be UN-leashed into a realm of UN-common words, UN-limited creativity, and UN-forgettable writing exercises when we pop into Mrs. Blaker Klay's classroom and observe these wordsmiths crafting UN-forgettable paragraphs packed with UN-ique prefixes.

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Members of the KR sax quintet playing holiday music in the lobby for the elementary students during lunch.
Sax Serenade in the School Lobby

Capturing the magical moment as KR Band's Sax Quintet spreads holiday joy with beautiful tunes, creating a festive atmosphere for elementary students during lunchtime! 🎷🎄

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Mrs. Dobyns, a 4th-grade teacher at Kenton Ridge Elementary School, is this week’s Shining Staff Spotlight. She is adored by her fellow staff members and her students!  She loves all things outdoorsy, her family, and her coworkers!  To learn more about her story, check out her article!

This week, we're highlighting Etta Springhetti, a 9th grader from Kenton Ridge High School, in our Shining Student Spotlight feature!  Etta's enthusiasm for learning and her community radiates through every facet of her life. She's incredibly artistic and deeply passionate about various pursuits. Check out her story to learn more!

The Northeastern Local School District (NELSD) welcomes Mrs. Aubree Kushmaul as assistant principal at Kenton Ridge PK-12. Approved by the NELSD Board of Education on March 21, 2024, Kushmaul will officially join the district for the 2024-25 school year. This marks a full-circle journey for Kushmaul, who has a deep connection to the district.

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