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Image: Sadie holding a blanket she made for the cat blanket project.
RHES | Student's Heartwarming Mission: Handcrafting Blankets for Animals

🧶 Sadie S, a 4th-grade student at Rolling Hills, made blankets to help with the RHES cat 🐱 blanket project. 

We are so proud of her for working on new skills and helping our community! 

Image: NRES Young Authors Finalists
NRES | Young Authors

Celebrating young authors is a wonderful way to support and encourage the next generation of writers with fresh perspectives and unique voices that can enrich the literary world.

Image: NRES Young Authors
NRES | Young Authors

These NRES Young Authors will head to Wittenberg University's Shouvlin Center in March for the Young Authors' Conference. 

Image: Principal Snyder and Mila dressed in their Dog Days of Summer Outfits for the Backyard Dog Project Fundraiser
RHES | Backyard Dog Project

🐶 RHES | Backyard Dog Project 🐶

🐕 The Dog Days of Summer came to RHES this week as students dressed in their DOG-themed outfits to help raise awareness and funds for the Backyard Dog Project.

🐩 The Backyard Dog Project is a local nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that helps owners improve the quality of life for their outdoor dogs.

💙💛 Want to help RHES raise donations for the Backyard Dog Project? 

🦴 Donations are being collected at Rolling Hills Elementary during the school day (M-F)  until Wednesday, February 8th.

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Welcome to the latest Kenton Ridge PK-12 building construction update! In this video, we'll look at some exciting developments. Join us as we explore the flooring of the main gymnasium, get a glimpse of the stage in the cafetorium, and discover the state-of-the-art Wenger SoundLok rooms. Let's dive right in and witness the progress firsthand!

For today's Kenton Ridge PK-12 building construction update, we focus on two aspects of the site: the parking lot and the playground striping. These elements are integral to ensuring the safety and accessibility of the school for both students and staff.

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